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Rethink Mental Health

The Rethink Mental Health state-wide review of the Tasmanian mental health system has now completed the consultation stage of the project.

The Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Directorate continue to manage the Rethink Project, working in partnership with the Mental Health Council of Tasmania.

Consultation is the key component of the Rethink Mental Health Project. To facilitate the feedback process, a range of options have been available for stakeholders to participate and have their say. This has included stakeholder consultation forums, an online feedback form, submissions in response to the Discussion Paper, feedback via phone, email or writing to the project team.
The consultation period commenced on 10 October 2014 and closed on 28 February 2015; however the project team has continued to conduct targeted consultation throughout early March 2015.
To date, 39 stakeholder consultation forums have been held around the state and with varying stakeholder groups including consumers, carers/families, clinicians, community sector organisations and specific population groups.
These forums have provided a range of very valuable information about the issues with the current mental health service system, what is working well and areas for further development.
100 responses were received through the online feedback form; a small number of verbal submissions and written submissions were received from individual consumers and carers and 18 submissions were received from organisations.

What Are the Next Steps?
All information gathered through the consultation process will be analysed and will help inform the identified priorities that will form the basis of a long term plan for mental health in Tasmania.
An independent expert panel has been established, made-up of individuals with specific expertise in mental health including Tasmania’s consumer and carer representatives on the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum. The expert panel will contribute to the independent analysis of Tasmania’s mental health service system consistent with the election commitment and will support the development of a long term plan for mental health in Tasmania.





Networks and Forums


Regional Mental Health Groups


The Regional Mental Health Groups (RMHGs) have been operating since 2006, as a way of networking, facilitating information sharing, improving services for consumers, their families and carers, and working collaboratively to progress policy issues.

The Mental Health Services Stocktake identified during 2008 the need to develop a strategic interface with the community sector in order to collaboratively progress a range of issues that might improve pathways for consumers.  The Community Sector Organisations/Statewide and Mental Health Services (CSO/SMHS) Interface Group is the forum to do this. 

The RMHGs agenda while maintaining a focus of networking and information sharing will also be driven by and have input into the (CSO/SMHS) Interface Group strategic directions.


The RMHGs provide an interface between the regions and the CSO/SMHS Interface Group.  This will ensure that key local issues and initiatives are feed into the strategic level interface, enabling a more representative approach of not only consumer, carer and service provision organisations issues, but also those specific to each of the regions.

Role and Function

The group will function:

  • To be a formal mechanism for members to identify and progress, as applicable, key shared issues and initiatives which impact on the delivery of mental health services in their region.
  • To collaborate on ways to combine ongoing training and education.
  • To be a means for the community mental health sector to input into service planning and priority setting within Statewide & Mental Health Services.
  • To facilitate discussion and sharing of information.
  • To provide opportunities for the community mental health sector to make recommendations to Statewide & Mental Health Services on program development.
  • To be a mechanism to enable the better coordination and integration of services.
  • To establish working groups as required.


Meeting Updates


The MHCT is very happy with the way the meetings are progressing and would like to know if you have any feedback for us:

  • Are you happy with the format of the meetings?
  • Are there any changes you would like to see?
  • Are there particular topics or themes you would like to be covered at future meetings?



Once again, I would like to emphasise that state-wide representation does not start and end with face-to-face meetings, and it is important that lines of communication are kept open. Please contact me with any issues you would like to flag or believe the MHCT should follow up, and any notices you would like us to include in our monthly e-newsletters.

Dates for the next Regional Mental Health group meetings are as follows :

MAY 2015

13 May
1:30 - 3:30 pm
122 Elizabeth Street Launceston 

North West:
14 May 
10 am - 12 pm
Venue TBC

7 May
 9.30 am - 11.30 am
Venue TBC

For more information or to express your interest in participating in the Regional Mental Health Groups please contact

Elida Meadows

MHCT Policy & Research Officer


6224 9222

Mental Health in Touch

MH (Mental Health) In-Touch is a network that meets periodically to discuss how to best assist people living with a mental illness to access education, training or employment. 

MH In-Touch aims to link mental health service providers with education and training providers and employment agencies.

It provides a chance to share what is happening, hear about new initiatives and meet others.





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