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Club Haven



Tasmania Recovery from Eating Disorders

Carer Organisations

Mental Health Carers Tasmania

Carers Tasmania

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Advocacy Tasmania

 Angels Goal

Anglicare Tasmania


Bethlehem House

Brain Injury Association of Tasmania

Caroline House


Choose Life Services

Colony 47

 CORES Australia

Cornerstone Youth Services (Headspace)

Family Based Care North

Headspace Hobart

Langford Support Services

Lifeline Hobart

Life Without Barriers

Migrant Resource Centre

MI Fellowship

Mission Australia

OzHelp Foundation

Rainbow Communities Tas

Red Cross

Relationships Australia

Richmond Fellowship

Rural Alive & Well

Salvation Army Bridge Program

The Hobart Clinic

White Cloud Foundation

Wise Employment

Working it Out

Youth, Family and Community Connections


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Strategic Plan


Our Mission


The Mental Health Council of Tasmania (MHCT) is the peak body representing the interests of the community mental health sector in Tasmania including consumer, carer and service provider organisations.

Our Mission is to represent, support and facilitate collaboration in the community mental health sector for the benefit of all Tasmanians.



Our Vision

 Our Vision is a Tasmanian community based on human rights principles where mental health and wellbeing are supported and promoted.


Values and Beliefs


Our actions are based on these values:

  • Optimism and empowerment
  • Participation, collaboration and partnerships
  • Autonomy, responsibility and accountability

The following important beliefs underpin our work:

  • Every person has the right to achieve their full potential and be able to participate meaningfully in their community.
  • The collective efforts of individuals and organisations working together to improve mental health across the whole community are more effective than isolated efforts.
  • All people have the right to make decisions about their health and wellbeing.
  • Recovery of mental health is possible.  This is assisted by a positive recovery-focused approach by all those involved.
  • Effective public policy and its implementation will foster pathways to social inclusion for those living with mental illness.

Key Strategic Goals


Goal 1. Stakeholders - Stakeholders work with MHCT to achieve mutually supported goals.
Goal 2. Collaboration - The Tasmanian community mental health sector works collaboratively to achieve positive outcomes for the sector.
Goal 3. People directed services – Decision making in Mental Health Services is increasingly led by consumers and carers.
Goal 4. Community Attitudes - MHCT influences Tasmanians’ attitudes towards mental health and people living with mental illness.
Goal 5. Workforce Development - A Community Mental Health Workforce that is adequately skilled and prepared to meet the needs of people impacted by mental illness in Tasmania.
Goal 6. Effectiveness - MHCT remains a relevant, viable and sustainable organisation


Strategies and Measures of Success










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